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People often make the mistake of assuming that online writing is the same as offline writing or direct marketing writing. The reality is that online writing has to be 20 times more effective than offline writing because you're dealing with crowded inboxes, rampant multi-tasking, and wildly short attention spans.

Did you know that you have literally one to two seconds to convince an email recipient to open your email? So your subject line better be awesome...

And the pressure is still on if you clear that first hurdle of getting them to open. Now you've got to convince them that this issue is urgent enough and matters enough to them to take two minutes out of their busy day to read on, take action or actually pull out their credit card and make a donation.

And you need to do those things in every message you send.

It's a science. And an art.

If you want help, I'm available to train staff at all levels of experience on how to write effective emails and web copy - whether for fundraising, advocacy or cultivation.

I can also train staff on how to structure and implement a successful online advocacy campaign from start to finish.

And I can provide training on social media, covering the basics of how to put Facebook and Twitter to use for your organization or cause.