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Online Recruitment

Successful movements are people-powered. But unlike in Field of Dreams, just building a web site or a campaign does NOT ensure that people will come to it. And even once you've built a significant email list or social media presence, you still have to keep up with the dreaded, yet inevitable "list churn" - the sad reality that between 10-20% of all nonprofit email lists will "go bad" in a given year due to a combination of bouncing emails and unsubscribes.

If you're looking for significant list growth and have the budget to run paid recruitment buys, I know the best vendors for both CPA (cost per acquisition) and CPM (cost per million) recruitment and am happy to help negotiate the most competitive rates (a little insider knowledge goes a looong way), develop creatives, handle suppression files, and ensure timely delivery. And I can work with you to figure out the best way to ensure that you're engaging your new recruits and converting them to donors, too.

If you don't have the budget for paid recruitment, email cross-promotions are also a great way to build your list. Also known (falsely) as list swaps or list exchanges--in reality, the lists are neither swapped nor exchanged--email cross-promotions are an effective way to recruit new members from like-minded organizations without spending nearly as much as you would on a paid recruitment buy.

I have managed dozens of these and can run the entire process from helping to identify potential cross-promotion partners, approaching them, brainstorming which message topics will get you the best results, handling the data overlap, drafting the copy, setting up the email, reporting on the results and more.

Here's an example of two sides of a successful email cross-promotion.