Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning

Whether you're embarking on a new project or campaign, trying to build a stronger base of monthly donors, or trying to bring your message to a wider new audience, strategic planning is a MUST. Otherwise, it's kind of like stumbling around in the dark, going in circles trying to reach the exit and you keep bumping into your co-workers and stepping on their shoes. Who wants that, right?

Taking the time at the outset to develop a well-articulated plan that includes a shared vision, clear goals, metrics to measure success (or failure - hey, it happens!), deliverables, projections and a timeline for reaching the various milestones will help to ensure the success of whatever it is you're trying to do. And it can go a long way to helping avoid confusion, wasted effort, and interpersonal office drama, too.

Unless you're starting something brand new, my recommendation is to begin with a quick audit of the existing efforts.

My process is flexible but usually includes the following:
  • Interviews with key stakeholders
  • A review of any relevant materials - emails, web sites, direct mail pieces, videos, etc.
  • A review of past results
Once stakeholders have had a chance to review the audit and provide feedback, it's time to dive into the planning. Deliverables would include a narrative strategic plan covering whatever timeframe is appropriate that would likely include:
  • Staffing plan
  • Messaging calendar, including social media promotions
  • Campaign plan(s)
  • Paid and earned recruitment recommendations