Social Media Strategy & Implementation

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Social Media Strategy & Implementation

Even though Facebook changes its newsfeed algorithm more often than my five-year-old lets us wash his hair, social media has a lot to offer if you're smart about it.

The days when simply putting up a Facebook page or Twitter profile was enough to gain new followers who actually cared about what your organization is doing are long past. But you can still put the power of social media to work for you or your organization with a little thought - and, realistically, a little money.

I'm happy to help you figure out realistic goals for each platform (focusing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and then come up with a plan for how to reach them and project what it is likely to cost.

I am also semi-addicted to researching imagery and putting together image shares. My specialty is finding great images and pairing them with effective text. And, following Facebook's ever-changing specs for what dimensions they should be, of course.

You can find a few samples here.