Online consultants wear a lot of hats. Here's a quick listing of some of the major services I can help with.

Strategic Planning
I've been helping major nonprofits start, expand and refine their online fundraising, advocacy, recruitment, social media programs for well over a decade now. The most successful online programs and campaigns are almost always the ones with a strategic plan that lays out clear goals, metrics for success, and integrated cross-channel messaging and promotions. More >>

From coming up with a plan for your entire online program to digging into just one aspect of it--converting more monthly donors, convincing donors to give that all-important second gift, and more--to writing epic fundraising emails, I'm happy to put my years of experience to work to help you or your organization  raise the money you need to let you do even more of whatever important work you're doing. More >>

Email & Web Copy
It may not sound sexy but effective online programs rely on timely, gut-punchy email and website copy. I have boatloads of experience drafting fundraising, advocacy, and engagement messaging on a wide range of issues. More >>

Social Media Strategy & Implementation
From Facebook "like" drives to image shares and more, I can help you with your Facebook and Twitter campaigns and components. I also love researching imagery and creating graphics which is helpful because on Facebook, a picture is usually worth more than a thousand words. More >>

Whether you're looking for quick, high volume growth or slower, earned growth, I can help you determine the best way to reach your recruitment goals via web site optimization, paid ad buys, email appends and email cross-promotions. More >>

I've trained major non-profits on how to write for the web with a focus on emails and how to plan a successful online campaign. More >>